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Keyboard shortcuts

Command Mac Windows
Slash Autocomplete /
Page Reference Autocomplete [[]]
Block Reference Autocomplete (())
Key Commands
Working with Lists
Indent Block Tab
Unindent Block Shift-Tab
Move Block Up Cmd-Shift-Up
Move Block Down Cmd-Shift-Down
Create New Block Enter
New Line in Block Shift-Enter
Undo Cmd-z
Redo Cmd-Shift-z
Zoom In Cmd-Shift-Period
Zoom Out Cmd-Shift-Comma
Follow link under cursor Ctrl-o
Open link in sidebar Ctrl-shift-o
Expand Cmd-Down
Collapse Cmd-Up
Select Block Above Shift-Up
Select Block Below Shift-Down
Select All Blocks Cmd-Shift-a
Version Control
Add Version Ctrl-Comma
Expand all Versions Ctrl-Period
Cycle Version Right Ctrl- >
Cycle Version Left Ctrl- <
Full Text Search Cmd-u
Open Link in Sidebar Shift-Click
Context Menu Right Click
Toggle Brackets Ctrl-c Ctrl-b
Toggle Edit Icons C-c C-c C-s
Toggle Your Icon C-c C-s
Jump to Daily Notes Ctrl-Shift-d
Heading Cmd-Alt-1,2,3,0
Toggle todo/done Cmd-Enter
Bold Cmd-b
Italics Cmd-i
Html Link Cmd-k
Wrap selected text in Strikethrough Cmd-y
Highlight Cmd-Shift-h
**Bold** Bold
__Italics__ Italics
~Strikethrough~~ Strikethrough
^^highlight^^ highlight
$$E = mc^2$$ E = mc^2
`Code` Code
```Code Block``` Code Block
[link]( link
![image]( image