The 3P Framework

What are the 3Ps?

  • Progress: Highlights, milestones, decisions, or reviews in the prior period.
  • Plans: Priorities and goals in the coming period.
  • Problems: Blockers, issues or flags.

What makes a good 3P?

  • Concise: Limit 5 bullets per section, and 3 lines per bullet. Use bold headers to help readers scan for relevance.
  • Contextual: Provide sufficient context for the target audience. Avoid acronyms and code-words. Clarify impact.
  • Clickable: Include links to roadmap/project trackers, docs (eg review decks), or dashboards with more detail.
  • Customer-focused: Focus on customer impact; include anecdotes or user stories in addition to metrics.

Other considerations

  • Sensitive content: 3Ps are usually posted to public channels, so be sensitive of confidential content
  • Any matter that is currently (or was previously) subject to litigation, dispute or legal liability
  • Execution or termination of significant contracts/partnerships
  • Actual or potential M&A
  • [If in a public company] Financial/operational metrics for any unreported quarter (revenue, net profit/loss, adjusted EBITDA, etc) or any future projections for those metrics.
  • Problems: Include the next steps or actions in progress to address any problems, where possible.