First post: What is this / why now?

I've tried to build up a consistent writing habit over the years, in fits and starts. I've managed to stick to a daily journaling habit for the last few months. Now I want to hold myself accountable for making use of all the things I read/consume. Having a public presence should help do that. I also hope it will help me build a community and sharpen my thinking through the input of others. I'm also a verbose writer. I'm hoping that holding myself to a frequent posting cadence will help with that.

I don't have an amazing memory. Sometimes my friends are impressed that I remember phone numbers, or names of authors. But the truth is that all this takes effort. I consume a lot of stuff, most of it high quality (in my humble opinion). While I'm an active reader (I take notes/highlight while I read) I don't take the next step of compiling all these notes in one place. I want to work on connecting them together with some sort of scaffolding. The best thinkers I know do this constantly. And while some do so by having amazing innate memories, the rest do it by writing stuff down.

My starting goal is to publish 3 things per week, around 500 words each. I'll write about a wide range of things to start. If any specific topics take off, I may focus on them for a while and build some sort of email newsletter around them.

So if you've made it this far, welcome! If you like what you read please drop me a note. I'd love to hear about who you are, how you came across this blog, and if there are specific topics you'd like me to write more about.