Hi there, I'm Morgan. Most recently I was a product lead at BETA Technologies, an electric aircraft company, and before that I was a product/growth lead at Lyft. I help companies scale via product-led growth. At BETA I worked on emissions tracking, charging infrastructure, and alternative financing. At Lyft I was one of the first 10 PMs at the company. I led teams focused on Lyft Business, Customer Support, subscriptions, the rider loyalty program, rider onboarding, rider and driver referrals, and driver acquisition. I also led the Lyft Web org for 2 years as their first product lead. I saw the company IPO and grow from 300 to 7,000 employees (and 10 to 150+ PMs).

In my previous life I helped raise and deploy a $15M venture seed fund in 2014-15, back before seed funds were cool, investing in over 60 startups across fintech, consumer, SaaS, virtual reality, and more. Before that I worked at a private equity fund focusing on software. I started my career as a consultant at Bain & Company. I'm an active angel investor in my home state of Vermont and help local startups with fundraising, M&A, pricing, and growth strategy.

My experience at all these companies and more recently as a product coach has taught me to help startups identify their most challenging growth bottlenecks and tackle them. This could mean business model adjustments, team structure shifts, or other changes. Often companies just don't know where to start their scaling journey, and I help them think through their options. I work with CEOs, product leaders, and individual teams to enable sustainable growth.

Most recently I've consulted for Planet Labs, the Vermont Community Foundation, and Burlington Code Academy.

My areas of expertise include problem validation, feature design, launching + testing, growth loops and constraints, feature strategy, product-market fit expansion strategy, tech/process/user scaling, behavioral psychology, and growth frameworks (acquisition, retention & engagement, loyalty, resurrection, monetization).

Notable unicorn investments include Robinhood, SpaceX, Planet, Boom Technology, Patreon, Gusto, and Revel Systems.

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